Forums or experiments are a space where we are exploring different things together.  Most of these experiments and forums are either inspired from our work or we have been guided intuitively to work on it. 

There is a last updated date written for each forum/ experiment. Because these things keep evolving as we are doing it. The form and essence of these forums/ experiment may be different at the time you join than what you have read here. 

To join or get the latest information, please connect with us.

Forest Retreats

Last updated on: April 23, 2022

Intention/ Vision: Slowing down and being okay with uncertainties and unknowns.

What we are doing: We usually do a forest retreat for a week and do things like hiking, cooking, laughing, crying, dancing, spending time alone and together, camping, rituals, sitting around a fire- place, night walk and teasing each other…

How we are doing this: These retreats are designed on the TAO. We set the intention before the start of the retreat and every night for the next day… and we let the time and space guide us…speak to us… We follow the Tao… Nowhere to go, nowhere to reach; nothing to do, nothing to get or give… bringing our awareness to the present moment, and doing what we feel like doing… alone or together…every night, we sit together and share things that are alive for us… and plan the logistics for the next day, if needed.

Community of Startups and Initiators

Last updated on: Feb 21, 2022

Intention/ Vision: Create an ecosystem where people who are starting new initiatives are able to support each other. 

What we are doing: Meet online or in-personal one on one and together, and share about what we are up to nowadays in the initiative, and ask for guidance/support when and if required. 

How we are doing this: This is a self-organized network. No one is responsible to deliver/ give anything. People connect with the people/idea they resonate with, and they take the connection further in their own way, pace, based on each other’s needs, skills, and availability. We are intending to have a meet up once a while, where all community members are together.

Community of Policy Developers

Last updated on: Feb 21, 2022

Intention/ Vision:  Create a community of people who are practicing inclusive (specially in the context of involving the very people they are making policy for) and transparent ways of making policy decisions, and learn from each others.

What we are doing: We haven’t started this, but we will start with meeting once a month, and everyone will share their experiences and the methods for the inclusivity and transparency.

How we are doing this: This will be a self-orgainzed community. We will know more about it once we start doing it.