It is usually believed that either you can be nice or get things done in business! Is it possible to be kind, caring, compassionate, empathic, sensitive toward others being and still be able to meet business objectives?

I strongly feel that it is possible. We just may not have found a proper way to give space to both of them. Let me explain how and why I’m saying that…

Do any person in your organization (be it CEO, worker, supervisor, manager, HOD, GM or MD) come with ill intention (something like, I am going to create trouble for this person… or I’m going to do fight with that person…) while they join office in the morning every day? I believe, not even a single person! Then why do we become so individualist/ automated/ machine while we are at the workplace? It may be because of how do we work in business. Current processes or systems in business doesn’t allow us to think about something else… it just designed to get “results”. And most of the time result means “earning higher profit”. So if we can think of design/system that takes care of “earning higher profit” and “humanity”, it is possible to create humane business.

Why is it so important to bring humanity to business? Well, most of us are spending about 8 to 10 hours at work! That’s huge… And if we just behave like inhuman at work and keep doing things the way we usually do, we feel frustrated or exhausted at the end of each day! And this frustration or exhaustion doesn’t end when we leave office. We carry it with ourself. And may be sharing it with people around us (mostly family)! I believe businesses can play major role in transforming one’s life… simply just by bringing humanity… And this will not only result into better life of an individual, but more productive, engaged & creative people and profitable & sustainable businesses.

You might be thinking, “what could be the first step towards it?” In my opinion, providing a safe space to people to express themselves fully in the work they are doing! Asking them for their suggestions, ideas and include them into decisions. Not just for the sake of doing, but really involving them and including ideas. If you are proposing something and no one dares to object it, let me tell you, you haven’t really created a humane space yet.

Let you be yourself and others be themselves! I’m sure you will find a way to meet your business objectives in a most efficient and effective manner.

If this idea or thought excite you to do something on this, start it your own way! As I said, we didn’t find a perfect way to do it yet! Everything you will do in this direction, will count one step towards the goal! And that’s experiencing our true self while doing things to earn our livelihood: Human…being human….allowing others to be human!


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