Have you ever sit together with your team and reflected on what’s working and what need to be improved?

As we are approaching the end of the financial year, this could be an ideal time for retrospective in the area like sales, service, working together, impact, and policy development.

Some tips for the retrospective meeting:

  • Start with what’s already working
  • Speak in round… Speak one by one… Don’t do cross talk
  • Don’t jump on solutions directly. First, take enough time to understand the situation and different dimensions of it.
  • Have a dedicated person to take notes of the meeting
  • Leader should avoid facilitating the meeting. Ask someone else to lead the meeting.

Our observation has been that this kind of retrospective become more engaging and effective when someone from the outside of the organization/team facilitates the meeting.

We can help you facilitate the retrospective with your team in a way that

  • everyone feels included and heard
  • team just don’t make a plan, but also feel empowered to work on it
  • people take the responsibility and ownership
  • team members feel more connected with each other



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