Whenever I hear about work- life balance, I never feel complete right about it. Whenever this term is used, the work and life have been seen separately, mostly… as if this is my work… and that is my life.

How come work is not part of the very life? How can it be separated? 

I also hear about 4 days working week… And the rationale people give behind this is to improve mental health and take care of the self. It seems like we keep doing things the way we do at workplace for 4 days… and then we use the rest of the 3 days to recover from it… So that we can work productivity next week.  I’m like, wow! 

  • Why are we not thinking of ways of doing things in which working feels like we are living a life?
  • Why don’t we think about other ways of working that improves our mental health at the workplace, and not just limiting it to 3 days break?
  • How do we do things that we don’t exhaust ourselves at the end of every day or after 4 days?

I’m sure there are more dimensions to this! What’s your thought on this? And what has been your experience on this?


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